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Tattoo ideas that don't suck

Tattoo ideas that are cooler than the tattoos you were thinking about before.

Well, I suppose thats relative. But these are tattoo ideas that I DONT THINK SUCK lol, whatever thats worth.

If you want a bitchin tattoo that doesn't have to to mean anything, feel free to steal these ideas.

  • Panther shark

  • Dracula rose

  • Coffee snake

  • Vegetable Simpsons character

  • Flying mace bugs

  • Nerd heart with glasses

  • Gorilla under umbrella

  • Lady-head lighthouse

  • Panther motorcycle

  • Reaper rabbit

  • Pupper mermaid

  • Tiger geisha

  • Clown fruits

  • Spider jewels

  • Devil on a surfboard

  • Pirate cat

  • Kewpie Dragon

Hell yeah! I'm totally gunna draw a bunch of these before this blog post goes live.

If you're wondering how I thought of these, Click here. But basically I pull random ideas out of a bag. Its more interesting than if I sat and tried to think of cool tattoos.

As usual, tag me if you get a tattoo of one of these or DM me a pic.


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