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Things tattooers can sell besides tattoos

Tattooers can sell all kinds of cool stuff to clients and potential clients. Sometimes we forget that theres more than just tattoo work. I've compiled a short list of things that you, as a tattooer, can sell to the public.

These are a great way to help get your name out there. It also gives people who don't necessarily want tattoos a chance to collect art from you.

Some of these ideas are probably very obvious. Some hopefully will not be. What I do know is that I have a few friends who have "forgotten" that we can make and sell these things along side our tattooing, so maybe this is just a reminder.

You don't have to be a tattooer to do this by the way. Apprentices, illustrators, and hobby artists can all benefit from this as well.

  • Pins and Button sets: Make or choose a couple of your designs that work well together, either by subject theme or colors, and have them made into small button badges or enamel pins.

  • Coloring book: Kind of like tattooer sketchbooks but made to be colored in for the general public. You can make these digital and sell them through Etsy or a similar site. No printing, no shipping!

  • Flash pages: Tattooable designs drawn by you to sell to other shops to make money from tattooing them. These are usually sold in sets with each flash sheet having a colored version and a linework version. Try the digital Etsy route on these as well!

  • T-shirts and hats: Ok so I'm pretty sure everyone does this but just incase you forgot, this is a great option. Usually you can find single color printing for fairly cheap. Bonus advertising while people walk around!

  • Stickers: Generally speaking, I suggest having freebie stickers you can give away. Try also making stickers that are a bit larger, more detailed and better quality. You can make these into sticker packs which have multiple designs. This is a big seller.

  • Paintings: If you have enough time to paint this is a great option. Selling originals is awesome but can take a little longer with the higher price tags. If you make prints of your paintings these will sell fantastically. the smaller price tag allows people with different budgets to get nice artwork from you. I also give some away to rad clients and on social media from time to time.

  • Housewares: People love to decorate their homes!! Theres tons of ways to make housewares. Repainting thrifted sculptures, hand-painting coasters, pin stripping coffee mugs, printing cool tattoo style pillow cases, or making wall hangings.

  • Commission work: IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, these can be super fun. Portrait paintings, logo design in your style, custom designs as gifts, designs for t-shirt companies.

Theres probably a million more ideas but I just wanted to share some that I have actually done and enjoyed.

My favorites are Sticker packs, Prints, and Shirts.

Try a couple and see what your audience responds to. Maybe even do one of these with another artist in your shop, or a buddy far away!

Lmk in the comments if you have any questions about how I do these, where I go or who I use. Mahalo for stopping in.

K bye.

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