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What is a tattoo deposit for?

Why do you leave a tattoo deposit?

Clients sometimes are confused about why they would need to leave a deposit for a tattoo. Or even what that deposit covers exactly.

Each tattoo shop, and in some cases each tattoo artist, has their own rules. I will try to explain the basics but I encourage you to ask your tattooer exactly what their deposit rules are.

For me a deposit is a necessity. I no longer work on walk-in so every appointment requires a deposit.


Heres what a tattoo deposit does:

  • Gets you a tattoo appointment date and time of your choosing.

  • Allows me to start on your drawing.

  • Rolls into your tattoo price as long as you show up for your appointment on time and ready.

Here are some stipulations about your deposit:

  • You may reschedule your appointment once, given 72 hours notice and scheduled within 60 days (if available)

  • If you change your mind on the design, it is at my discretion to require a new deposit. This is usually dependent upon how far I have gotten into your drawing.

  • Leaving a deposit with me usually rolls into your first appointment. On multi-session work I allow clients to then schedule with me without another deposit. If you miss an appointment or are 20 mins late you will be required to set an appointment online with another deposit and the same rules apply.

What your deposit ISN'T:

  • The deposit is NOT a payment for the drawing. It is an agreement to get the tattoo which allows me to start your drawing.

  • I am not a bank, I am not holding your money for safekeeping while you think about getting a tattoo. Once you leave that deposit, it belongs to me.

  • Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Your deposit does not allow you unlimited changes to your design. Please have a good idea of what you want and be able to communicate that well to your artist. Small changes are normal and why some artists show a sketch before the final drawing. Micromanaging a tattoo sucks for everyone and we don't have unlimited time. Most likely we have multiple clients we are drawing for so keep it straight forward.

If you have any other questions about deposits please send me a DM on any of my socials. Thanks for stopping in.


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