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Tattoo Appointment Waitlists

Here are the links and forms to get on my tattoo wait lists.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

The Custom Tattoo Waitlist will operate on a books open/books closed basis. All waitlist clients will be notified by email a few times before booking inquiries open. When my books open, you can use the link in the email to send your custom tattoo inquiry. My books will stay open for 48 hours to collect inquiries and then my books will close. Besides March 2023, bookings will be for 2 months at a time. Those who are contacted for booking in must be ready to pay the deposit upon receiving an email. Deposits are due immediately after the email is sent or you risk losing your spot. Click the link below to sign up for the custom tattoo waitlist.

Books are scheduled to open

March 26-28 for booking in April and May 2023.




The Flash Tattoo VIP Waitlist will be emailed every 2 weeks with new designs that are available. These designs will include one-offs (for one client only) and flash sheets with repeatable designs. The waitlist gets early access to designs and are able to book appointments before they are posted to social accounts. Sign up using the link below.







If you want to be on both waitlists you must sign up for each one seperately.

Both waitlists automatically allow early access to upcoming products, new art, input on flash designs, and discounts. To make sure your emails do not go to spam, add my email to your contacts or VIP list. 

Thanks friends, hope to see you soon!

~Lydia D.

Custom Tattoo Waitlist

Thanks! I hope to see you soon!

Tattoo Flash VIP Waitlist

Thanks for subscribing!

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