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The easiest steps to becoming the best tattoo client in the world.

Have you ever wondered how you can become the best tattoo client?

To have your tattoo artist stoked about your upcoming appointment and ideas? Have you noticed that maybe other clients get treated a bit more like friends and family than you do?

Well I have some insider info for you on how to become that client.

You're welcome in advance.

  • Know what you want. It doesn't have to be exact, in fact we prefer it isn't. But please, for the love of Lilith, have some strong ideas about the subject matter for your tattoo.

  • Be flexible. Most bad ass tattooers won't completely talk you out of an idea, but will make helpful suggestions. Trust me this is for your benefit. WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A BAD ASS TATTOO. Be flexible in the design process.

  • Seek out a tattoo artist who's style you love, and then get a tattoo IN THAT STYLE. I get it. We all like to look at beautiful tattoos. But before you book an appointment ask yourself a few questions. Is the tattoo you want the same style as what that tattooer usually does? Or is it flexible enough to be close? If so, Go ahead and book!

  • Booking that sweet tat appointment should be pretty fast. Come in with reference printouts or whatever, be ready to leave a deposit (in cash if possible) and have some idea of your schedule or availability.

  • Say thanks, you dick.

  • Wait patiently. Tattooers have hella clients and hella drawings lined up before you walked in. They will let you know when a drawing is ready for you.

  • Don't txt/email/call/DM at all hours of the night. Try to keep it to what you think shop hours would be.

Appointment time!!

  • Don't be drunk

  • Don't be hungover

  • Show up on time or early BUT DEFINITELY NOT MORE THAN 15 MINS EARLY. It makes us uncomfortable. We may need the time before your appointment to eat, finish details on your drawing etc. Tattooers can feel rushed if you're there 30-45 minutes early staring at us... don't be that dude.

  • Don't bring more than 1 person with you... try 0 if possible.

  • Did you eat in the last few hours? No? Stop and get food or a snack on the way. *extra points if you txt the tattooer to see if they need a coffee or snack.

  • Please shower before you get tattooed. We will be sitting very close.

  • Eat, pee, hydrate and make calls before you sit to get tattooed.

  • Getting tattooed blows. It hurts. We know. We don't think you're a weenie. Just do your best to hold still anyway so we can do a bitchin tattoo on you.

  • All done! You survived, FUCK YEAH. Please listen to the aftercare. Do that and ONLY THAT. Doesn't matter what else you did before, or what so n so told you etc. We all use different inks, soaps, glides etc. and will give you the best instructions for what we use.

  • Pay for the tattoo in cash whenever possible. Its much appreciated because some credit card companies hold our money for up to 5 days. That sucks.

  • Tip your damn tattooer! The money you give them isn't all theirs. Unfortunately. We have hella equipment we pay for and still have to pay for things like health insurance etc. So if you're happy with your tattoo, tip like you mean it. I personally tip $20 per hour im getting tattooed. More if its fucking incredible. But rest assured any tip is appreciated. Seriously! If you brought me a candy bar, I LOVE YOU.

  • Share your tattoo photos on social media! Tell your friends about it! Our business runs mostly on word of mouth so please share the love!

Ok thats a pretty decent list. There are a few extras if you really wanna go the extra mile, but this is a great start.

Now you're an amazing tattoo client and we can't wait to see you again!

Bad ass. K BYE.

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