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Free Tattoo Designs

You heard correctly. FREE.

Free tattoo designs for you, your fam, your tattooer friend, or your crafty neighbor!

I'm giving away these free tattoo designs to whoever wants them. Heres what you CAN and CANNOT do with them.



  • Print download and take to a tattoo shop to get it tattooed. (please credit me for the art and tag me in pics, or DM them to me)

  • Use download for PERSONAL USE crafts. This means not to sell. So you can make things for yourself or to gift but cannot make a profit from selling products with my design on it.

  • Print and use as a coloring book page for when you want to slaughter the world but decide to destress instead.

  • Use as flash designs in a tattoo shop to make cool tattoos with them.

  • Make a cool dog shirt

  • Share the link on social media with proper tags


  • Make merch to sell. This includes but is not limited to t-shirts, mugs, stickers, coloring books, digital downloads, all clothing, accessories, and web designs.

  • Use in your portfolio as proof of drawing ability.

  • Offer free design as a funnel part or as a way to get people to sign up for any other offer, email list or website.

  • Be a dick

If there is anything on this CANNOT list that you REALLY REALLY wanna do anyway, send me an email so we can work something out. I am currently also taking commissions if you need something designed for you.

Thanks for reading, hanging out, and not being a dick.


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