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My favorite Apps to use for tattooing

I'll be honest. It was a hard switch for me. From traditional drawing on paper with colored pencils, microns and sharpies to digital drawing. It took me almost a year to figure shit out.

And I'm still figuring it out lol.

I have found a few apps and programs that definitely help with my tattoo drawing process. I've also found a couple of apps that help with other parts of the tattooing process like booking, video, paperwork etc. I'll go over everything that works for me below.


Tattoo Drawing Apps

  1. Procreate Wow. I hope you have at least heard of procreate. This is a friggin game changer. Its a drawing app where you can use different brushes and techniques. Theres a few companies that have made tattoo specific brushes which are AMAZEBALLS. Alternatives for these are sketchbook, clip studio, and any other digital drawing program. But procreate is the best IMHO.

  2. Handy I suck ass at drawing hands. This is a huge part of why I do so many traditional style drawings lmao. Now that I want to change up my style though, I need to learn. This apps helps understand anatomy of hands, feet heads etc. Super duper.

  3. Art Pose Holy shit this is the big daddy mc master of anatomy apps. You can alter muscle structure. You can change positioning of the viewer angle. You can adjust the lighting for shadows. AND YOU CAN BEND AND ROTATE THE BODY JOINTS!

These are my favorites for drawing and honestly I use mostly procreate. The brushes are ridiculous. If you've been on the fence, do yourself a favor and shell out the money.


Other Tattoo Apps

  1. Tatty Zapper Ok so I get stumped on shit to draw once in a while. For years I have written down single ideas on pieces of paper and threw them in a ziplock. I shake, pull 3-4 pieces of paper, and try to make a cool tattoo drawing. I STILL LIKE TO DO IT THIS WAY. But if im traveling or drawing somewhere other than home or the shop than I use this app. it does the same shit but looks like a slot machine which is kinda cool.

  2. Tattoo forms This is a digital client release form app. Its fully customizable, and saves to the cloud. If you have decent traffic, multiple artists or just don't like client forms around the studio this app is amazing. It also captures ID photos and can pull up previous client info for return customers.

  3. Video leap This is a video editing app and theres a ton of them. I like this one specifically because you can change the orientation of video post production. and the format. So if you film landscape, you can edit to use it for IGTV etc. its great. and easy.

  4. Canva This app is great to make social media fliers, FB/Twitter and Etsy headings/banners, and business cards. And a shit ton more.

I hope you found this tiny little baby list helpful. There are other apps I use or have downloaded but not used yet so I'll definitely get around to another post about those. Hopefully sooner than later.

OK later.

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