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The quick list of cruelty free tattoo aftercare products!

Generally speaking, after getting a tattoo, your tattoo artist will tell you what they recommend for an aftercare product. Sometimes they will even give it to you right there.

Not often are these products cruelty-free though and even less often are they vegan.

I always recommend sticking with the aftercare your artist suggests, however, if what they suggest is not cruelty free or vegan after care then you could show them this list and ask if there is a suitable alternative for what they suggest you use.

Here is a list of cruelty free tattoo aftercare with amazon links. The products with asterisks next to them are also vegan for those of you who prefer vegan tattoo aftercare.

~After Inked Tattoo after care lotion*

~Tattoo Goo after care salve

~Tattoo Goo after care lotion*

~Hustle Butter after care*

~Wild Rose Herbs vegan ink balm*

~Everyone body lotion

There are many more products available, especially regular body lotions that are safe for tattoo healing. This is just my quick list of products that I use personally or actually give/recommend to my clients.

I hope this small but powerful list makes it easier for you to get what you need for tattoo after care without sacrificing your moral standing. <3


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