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Cruelty free and vegan tattoos, microblading and cosmetic tattooing in Las Vegas!

After a long thought out and meticulous process, I have finally transitioned my tattooing to 100% cruelty free and also offer a completely vegan experience.

Absolutely everything in my tattooing procedure from beginning of the stenciling to the end and after care can be 100% vegan and is always 100% cruelty free.

I know that this is important to only a small fraction of my current clientele, but it is very important to me and nothing has been sacrificed as far as quality of products for any of my existing customers. If anything, really, some things are much better.

What was already awesome

The majority of the inks that I have used over the years actually have been 100% vegan just by coincidence. So I still use those pigments. They have proven to work and heal absolutely wonderfully through the years and stay bright under the skin with proper care.

The stencil paper I use has also been 100% vegan by coincidence and had recently come out with a packaging that states vegan on it. It also has just received a certified vegan stamp of approval for all of their stencil packaging.

I use nitrile gloves which is also cruelty free and vegan so that remains the same as well. Not to mention less chance of allergic reactions during tattooing.

Topical anesthetics aka numbing cream. I use Zensa which is cruelty free, vegan and PH neutral. I honestly didn’t even know all of that when I started using it but I’m super stoked to find that out!

So what has changed??

  1. I have switched from A&D ointment to 100% vegan glides that help the ink and needles run across the skin better.

  2. I have switched brands of green soap to a company that has actually stated that their glycerin is made from vegetables and not from any animal products.

  3. I purchased an entirely new set of cosmetic tattoo pigments for micro blading and eyebrow tattooing that are cruelty free and vegan. (And the packaging is hella cute!)

  4. The brow pencils that I use to stencil the shape of the eyebrow before micro blading and eyebrow tattooing are now also cruelty free and 100% vegan.

  5. I now include a vegan and cruelty free option for aftercare for cosmetic tattooing as well as for regular body tattoos. I used to suggest a plain fragrance free lotion like Curel or Lubriderm, however these are neither cruelty free nor vegan options. If you have a favorite lotion that works for your body tattoos by all means you are welcome to use it if it is free of aloe,

harsh fragrance, petroleum, and a few other things that aren’t great for tattoo healing. Feel free to ask me about aftercare!

While I am not 100% vegan, I am technically a vegetarian, I do believe that it is important to offer these types of experiences to my clients. I do believe in buying and supporting cruelty free products as much as possible.

I cannot guarantee that other things in the tattoo studio such as cleansers and other artists products etc. will be cruelty free, but I will absolutely make sure that your personal experience with me will be excellent to the best of my ability.

If you have any other questions about my tattoo process or what I use please feel free to send me a message here on the website or on any social media platform I use. @Lydia.HTSC

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