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Switching up tattoo styles

Should you keep your tattoo style?

I honestly don't really feel like I have a "style"

I do however have a certain way that I draw traditionalish tattoo designs. And I've kind of gotten pigeonholed into it.

For the longest time I preferred being able to do all styles. I was proud that my portfolio documented many ideas and could accommodate anyone.

Working in street style shops, that made sense. And I loved the challenge that came with drawing tattoos as the client liked.

Theres also something to be said for cutting your teeth in a street shop, or in my case, a few street shops. I love them. The atmosphere is great. The clientele is really diverse. The energy is usually really good.

But now...

Now I'm opening my own shop which will be by appointment only. I've slowly been leaning towards being more selective with the art I choose to do.

I don't recommend this for everyone and again I think everyone should be well rounded. However, 15 years I think is a good enough time to decide to be pickier.

Now is the hard part. I've found myself struggling to actually design the art that I really love. Which makes me pissed. Like really??? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DRAWING LYDIA??

This is the new struggle, learning a new way to draw. At least I have enough time to practice while I wait for my shop permits. Which is a whole other issue, but one I can't control unfortunately.

I want to delve into more detailed and dark work. I love traditional elements and want to still use the same ideas in my designs. I also want to work in a very limited color palette. Possible changing the palette a little each season. I'm absolutely loving vintage pastels and will probably stick with it.

Hopefully this will help me develop my style more. I will have to rely on good design to grab attention rather than just using bright, bold color.

I am ready for the challenge.

Have any of you suddenly changed your tattoo or art style? How did it go? I would love to hear any advice or tips. Til next time...

Mahalo for stopping by.


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